Thursday, March 13, 2008

Allergy Relief

In her insightful 1996 book, The Rebellious Body: Reclaim Your Life from Environmental Illness or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (New York; Insight Books), Janice Strubbe Wittenberg, R.N., says; "It is vital to treat allergies, even hidden allergies, because they constantly drain and overburden the immune system."

Whenever we speak about allergies, the subject of asthma normally comes up in the same context since asthma represents one type of allergic response. Asthma -- particularly -- bronchial, has been linked to the over-release of certain biochemicals, such as prostaglandins and the over-reaction of certain cells, such as mast cells, eosinophils, and macrophages.

Asthmatic brochospasms, constricting of the airway passages, are what characterize bronchial asthma. The biochemical root of the actual spasms stems partly from over-expression (over-release) of a biochemical called histamine, and partly as a result of a confluence of effects caused by the over-release of all of the aforementioned cells and biochemicals. Allergic rhinitis, a related condition, is marked by swelling of the mucous membrane inside the nasal passage (causing a great deal of sneezing and noseblowing).

Traditional medicines to the rescue

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