Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feminine Arousal & Fertility

Feminine Arousal & Fertility

Source: Ayurvedic Healing for Women (Appendix 3: Aphrodisiacs and Fertility)
Author: Atreya

Medically, aphrodisiacs are substances that nourish the reproductive organs. They are not substances that stimulate a person to sexual excitement. The best aphrodisiac, in terms of sexual stimulation, is love. If you are looking for sexual excitement, this is the wrong book and the wrong appendix. Ayurveda has a whole science of aphrodisiacs. It is one of the eight branches of the medical system. It promotes healthy women, pregnancy, childbirth, and children.

Fertility and infertility relate directly to the seventh tissue level of the body. Any deficiency in this level of the body can result in low fertility. The science of aphrodisiacs in Ayurveda is the science of fertility.

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