Thursday, March 13, 2008


Insomnia or sleeplessness is a condition that often causes annoyance, and by depriving the person of his natural rest, results in interference with his activity during the day. When it becomes a habit, it may pose a serious menace to health.

Causes and Symptoms: Insomnia may be due to a variety of causes that keep the person awake altogether, or result in disturbing dreams and unrefreshing slumber. There are many people with a nervous temperament whose sleep is much more liable to be interrupted by trivial causes than that of their easy-going neighbours. In temporary cases of sleeplessness or dreaming in which the affected person suffers from disturbed nights now and then, the cause is usually to be sought in some external source of irritation. A slight degree of pain; uncomfortable surroundings, such as insufficient covering in winter or a hot and humid night without a fan; an overfill] stomach causing discomfort; or a nagging worry may prevent the brain from attaining the degree of relaxation which is a prerequisite of sleep. Other factors such as extreme worry overwork, voluntary limitation of the hours of sleep, and grief may lead to, a habitual lack of sleep. Poisonous substances circulating in the blood, as in the case of a fever or an infection, neurasthenia, or nervous weakness may also cause loss of sleep.

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